At four days old Ellie Mae was brought into my life along with her two siblings. The litter was abandoned by their mother and they were dehydrated and hungry. Unfortunately, we lost one, but Ellie Mae and her brother Everett grew stronger with each passing day. I bottle fed them through the nights, kept them warm, and sang them to sleep (no lie it really worked). For anyone who has ever bottle fed it is exhausting, but it is worth every sleepless night. As time went on the bond between Ellie Mae and Everett grew stronger, as well as their bond with me. I have loved many cats, but there is something indescribable about the bond created when you have them this young. The three of us were inseparable and Ellie Mae and Everett spent all of their time together.

And then the unthinkable happened. Ellie Mae was taken from us by a horrible disease, FIP. I can't go into the details because it still hurts too much. I do want to keep Ellie Mae's memory alive and help educate people about this deadly disease.

I thank God for the time I spent with Ellie Mae, and the strength he gives me each day to deal with the pain of her loss.

To learn more about FIP or make a donation in Ellie Mae's memory please check out 

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Lisa Di Donato